Dezhou Tejing tungsten&Molybdenum Technology CO.,LTD is one of the most famous tungsten and molybdenum products in china. Our factory located in the north of Jinghua Road,Dezhou city,Shangdong province.We specialized in tungsten and the Related equip ments development and production.We have owns modern workshop,a number of production lines and advanced key equipment in the field,tungsten and molybdenum film strip rolling mill,serious demarcated equipment of Tunsten-rhenium thermocouple,multimedia Tungsten rod testing platorm,etc.Our production strictly accordance with DIN/ISO9002,EN26848 and AWS A5.12-92.


Our main products is:Thorium-Tungsten Electrode,Lanthanum-Tungsten Electrode,Cerium-Tungsten Electrode,Yttrium-Tungsten Electrode,Pure Tunggsten Electrode,combined Tungsten lectrode,Sharpened Tungsten Electrodes Tungsten Spare Parts,Tungsten wires,Molybdenum electrodes,Molybdenum electrodes,Molybdenum Rod and Plate,tungsten-copper,tungsten high Desity Alloys.


We have our owned brand"HEIMA",and import&export right.Our products Export to Europr,Middle East,Southeast Asia,East Asia,South Asia,Africa And America Market.